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Chargeway App

Consumers need to trust their vehicle can get them where they need to go. Chargeway® provides every electric car owner a more enjoyable driving experience by making electric fuel easier to understand, use and enjoy.

Electric Fuel Simplified

Chargeway® displays your charging options. No filtering and having to learn any engineering. Just enter your vehicle info and drive with confidence.

Chargeway® helps you fit charging into your daily life. Simply enter your range and select a power level to see your estimated charging time.

Trip Planner:
Once you know which stations you can use and how charging works you can plan trips to countless destinations using electric fuel.

Your Plug Color

Chargeway® makes it easy to know which station you need to charge your electric car. Just like certain gas-powered cars run on “Regular” and others “Premium”, electric cars also use different types of plugs. With Chargeway® you just need to know your color:

Green Plug

Green Plug

Blue Plug

Blue Plug

Red Plug

Red Plug

Your Charging Speeds

It’s simple: the higher the number, the faster you can charge. Let’s compare the time it takes to get 40 miles or 200 miles:

8 Hours
90 Mins
45 Mins
20 Mins
10 Mins
5 Mins
48 Hours
9 Hours
3 Hours
90 Mins
45 Mins
25 Mins

You’re in Control

Electricity is virtually everywhere, which means so are your options to charge. With Chargeway® you can find the best charging option for you.

LEVEL 1: This is the basic charge level using a standard electrical outlet. Using the charger that comes with your electric car will allow you to add 40 miles of range overnight, perfect for the average daily commute.

LEVEL 2: This is the highest level of home charging. Adding this charger at your home allows you to plug in, go to bed and add 25 miles of range per hour, equivalent to over 250 miles of range overnight.

Chargeway defines the simplicity and convenience of home charging, which is a new convenience to owning a car. Simply wake up, unplug and go.

LEVEL 2: Just like upgraded charging at home, use these charging stations at work or while shopping to always stay charged.
LEVEL 3: This is the first level of Fast Charging, adding around 200 miles of range in 3 hours.
LEVEL 4: The next level of Fast Charging can add around 200 miles in only 90 minutes.

LEVEL 5: Can provide long range electric cars 200 miles of range in about 45 minutes

LEVEL 6: Only takes around 30 minutes to provide up to 200 miles of range.

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