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Using a simple system of colors and numbers the Chargeway App shows you where you can charge your EV and how long it will take. No guesswork. You’re in control.

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With the Chargeway App, you charge simpler and drive smoother.

Charging Stations

Chargeway includes over 80,000 charging stations from over 40 networks throughout the US and Canada. Add your EV and automatically see stations that match your EV’s plug type, easily see different power levels, and discover where electric fuel awaits.

EV Charging Station Map & Features

Vehicle Profiles

With the Chargeway App you have all of your vehicle info at your fingertips. Simply add your vehicle of choice, select your color, add a custom name and then adjust your battery levels to estimate charging time at any station.

Vehicle Profile Features

EV Trip Planner

Every great road trip starts with a game plan. Dial yours in with the Chargeway App’s EV Trip Planner–automatically calculating charging stops along your route with factors like charge time, outdoor temperature, and desired speed.

EV Trip Planner & Features

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