EV charging just got a whole lot easier.

Not all EV charging stations are created equal. Some charge fast. Some charge slow. Some fit many cars. Some only fit a few. So, we’ve created a simple color and number system to navigate the electric fuel landscape—guiding you and your EV to the right stations nearby or on a road trip.

Plug Color

At the gas pump, 87, 89, and 91 indicate different gasoline types. Our system makes EV charging plug options as simple as green, blue, and red.

Charging Speed

You have things to do and places to be. Knowing the charging speeds of nearby stations is key—so we developed a simple number system for power levels to make charging easier. It’s simple: the higher the number, the faster the charge.

40 Miles

Average Work Day

Level 1: 7 hours
Level 2: 90 minutes
Level 3: 25 minutes
Level 4: 15 minutes
Level 5: 10 minutes
Level 6: 5 minutes
Level 7: 2 minutes

200 Miles

Road Trip

Level 1: 35 hours
Level 2: 7 hours
Level 3: 3 hours
Level 4: 90 minutes
Level 5: 50 minutes
Level 6: 25 minutes
Level 7: 15 minutes

Charging Stations

Now that you know our system of colors and numbers, let’s talk about where you can charge your EV. With the Chargeway App, finding the right option for you and your schedule is easy—at home and on the go.

At Home

Standard Charging

Level 1 chargers use a standard electric outlet typically found at residential homes.

Level 2 chargers are typically found at offices and at shopping centers, but can be installed at home, as well.

On The Go

Fast Charging

Level 3 through Level 7 fast chargers are located along highways and in cities to get you back on the road faster.

Pick Your Path

Chargeway supports a variety of users. Which are you?

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