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What is Chargeway?2022-03-15T17:04:26-07:00

Chargeway is a software platform built to connect people with electric fuel. Our roads are filling with more EVs everyday, and it’s time to educate drivers about their charging options at home and on the go. Through our mobile app and partnerships with dealerships and utility companies, we’re bridging the gap between the power behind electric fuel and the people who harness it behind the wheel.

What do the colors mean?2023-11-04T17:07:17-07:00

Chargeway uses colors and shapes to identify different EV charging plug types. This makes it easier for everyone to learn and remember which stations will work for their EV.

North America:
GREEN:  J1772 / CCS1 Combo
RED:  Tesla

We’ve developed color coding and shapes for additional plug types around the world. And as we expand into new countries and markets, we’ll add these additional colors to our mobile app.

What do the numbers mean?2024-01-26T10:00:54-08:00

Chargeway uses simple numbers to identify different power levels based on their kilowatts—making it easy to know charging power and speed. This includes both AC and DC charging. North American levels for Chargeway are as follows:

AC Charging:
Level 1:  1kW to 2kW
Level 2:  3kW to 20kW

DC Charging:
Level 3:  21kW to 30kW
Level 4:  31kW to 50kW
Level 5:  51kW to 100kW
Level 6:  101kW to 200kW
Level 7:  201kW to 400kW

To estimate the charging time for your EV at every Chargeway level download the Chargeway app and add any EV. Then, adjust your EVs battery level and desired percentage. You will then be able to see an estimated charge time for your EV at every power level by clicking a station pin on the map to see your charge time.

Where is Chargeway available?2022-03-15T17:03:47-07:00

Chargeway is currently available in the United States and Canada on iOS and Android for mobile users. We’re continuing to grow our partnerships around the world that will allow us to offer our platform to more EV drivers in new places.

If you’re interested in having Chargeway in your country please Contact Us anytime.

What is the Chargeway Beacon?2022-03-15T16:58:44-07:00

The Chargeway Beacon educates and helps EV drivers navigate the world of electric fuel. It is offered in three different formats:

The Showroom Beacon is a 43-inch screen that stands prominently in auto dealership showrooms—displaying a map of charging stations, electric fuel types, an EV trip planner, local tax incentives, and much more.

The Mini Beacon packs all of this information into a more affordable tablet format.

And the Web Beacon adds this technology to your website at the most affordable level possible.

Click Here to learn more about the Beacons.

Does Chargeway install and own charging stations?2022-03-15T17:03:28-07:00

No, Chargeway does not operate or provide installation services for charging stations.

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