Chargeway Partners with APS to Simplify EV Charging in Arizona

Key Points

  • By partnering with Chargeway, APS is solving many of the problems EV dealers face by providing better tools and training through the Chargeway Beacon, which will enable EV buyers in Arizona to get clear, correct answers to their charging questions.

  • Chargeway will be activating six (6) Chargeway Beacons in auto dealership showrooms throughout APS service area in Q1 2022.

  • Chargeway will also be labeling hundreds of public EV charging stations with Chargeway colors and numbers to connect the digital and real world experience for EV drivers.

Chargeway, the Oregon-based software startup best known for developing a simple, intuitive color-coded visual language for charging EVs with “electric fuel,” has partnered with Arizona Public Service (APS) to support select Arizona dealers with the Chargeway Beacon, a showroom kiosk that displays Chargeway’s simplified software for explaining EV charging, giving prospective EV buyers in Arizona the ability to visualize how an EV can fit seamlessly into their lives through station finding, charge timing and EV road trip planning.

The Chargeway Showroom Beacon – a six-foot tall, interactive touchscreen kiosk – will be deployed to six select auto dealers in the APS service territory throughout the state of Arizona. The Beacons will also include a direct link to information on the APS EV home charging rebate currently available to all APS customers. The results from other utility programs that have partnered with Chargeway to engage local auto dealers has been impressive with EV sales in dealerships with a Chargeway beacon increasing by up to 1000% compared to competitor dealers, as well as increased engagement with utility EV home charging programs.

“Our utility programs throughout the US have proven to us what we already knew, intuitively: that EV customers were more than happy to buy their vehicles from their local dealers, as long as those dealers could confidently and correctly answer their questions about the new fuel,” says Matt Teske, Founder of Chargeway. “The state of Arizona has a wide array of buyers who are interested in upcoming EV pickup trucks as well as more city focused EV buyers in the Phoenix metro area. As we have seen throughout the US, mainstream consumers in Arizona will not totally buy into an electric vehicle if they cannot fully trust how to use electric fuel at home with APS and on the road with various networks.”

Charging station data in the Chargeway system is regularly updated every twenty-four hours to help drivers build up “Range Confidence’ as they research, purchase an own various EVs. Numerous charging stations listed within APS territory will also be labeled with Chargeway’s color/number icons to create a consistent experience from the Chargeway digital interface to real world charging experiences.

The Chargeway Beacon is available for utility programs as well as direct auto dealership sales throughout the United States and Canada on web, tablet and showroom kiosks as the ultimate solution for the EV buying experience. The Chargeway mobile app that uses the exact same interface as the Beacon is available to EV drivers for download on both the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android mobile devices, respectively.

About Chargeway:

Chargeway is a communication and software tool that unites all the stakeholders in the electric vehicle industry on a common platform. Designed to improve the “electric fuel” experience using colors and numbers to identify plug options and charging speeds, Chargeway creates a simple, visual identity for electric car charging options that offers auto dealers and public utilities, as well as consumers, an easier way to visualize how electric cars can meet and exceed everyone’s transportation needs. For more information on Chargeway’s platform, visit or download the Chargeway EV driver app on iOS or Android.