Chargeway Showroom Beacon at Town North Nissan in Austin

There’s another Chargeway Showroom Beacon for you to experience now at Town North Nissan in Austin! With this tool, the expert Town North sales team will be able to present electric fuel simply and easily, using intuitive colors and numbers instead of confusing engineering jargon to inspire Range Confidence™ in EV buyers. If you’re in Texas, head over to Town North Nissan and give it a try, today!

This Beacon is part of a pilot program sponsored by Austin Energy to help improve the visibility and accessibility of electric fuel in Austin, Texas, and Chargeway helps that mission by making EVs easier to understand and sell, and by keeping Austin Energy customers informed as new charging stations come online with the Chargeway mobile app for EV drivers (available on both the App Store and Google Play Store).

Austin Energy wants everyone to know that driving electric vehicles is an overall greater experience than traditional combustion engines. Everything from vehicle performance, cost savings on fuel and maintenance, and the ease of charging your vehicle at home — along with environmental benefits — make getting around Austin in an EV a better experience than gas. Find out more at!

Original content from Chargeway.