Chargeway Launches Innovative 2.0 Software to Simplify EV Charging

PORTLAND, Oregon — Chargeway, the innovative Portland-based software company that has revolutionized electric vehicle (EV) charging with its user-friendly visual system, is proud to announce the release of Chargeway 2.0. This major update brings a sleek new user interface and features designed to make EV charging and trip planning more straightforward than ever before.

The latest version introduces an array of features such as:

  • A redesigned user interface (UI) for effortless navigation with any EV across various stations and trips.
  • Real-time updates on the availability of public charging stations from major networks.
  • An enhanced trip planner improves on calculations for weather conditions, driving speed, and recommends the optimal charging power level for each EV to help maximize station utilization.
  • Charge time estimates for each station and charger based on power level, personalized to the user’s specific EV model and battery settings.

“Chargeway may look fresh with its updated visuals, but the improvements run much deeper,” said Matt Teske, Chargeway’s Founder and CEO. “Comprehensive vehicle and station data calculations combined with the addition of real-time station availability and EV specific charge time estimates at every station helps drivers understand charging options more quickly and save time — a benefit we know is highly valued.” The new Chargeway software is not only about improved functionality but also personalization. A refreshed vehicle profile allows users to customize their EVs color and name, while also allowing them to quickly adjust their EVs battery level to simplify the driver education for battery level and charging time in a uniquely individual way.

The Chargeway 2.0 update is a testament to the company’s commitment to simplifying the EV charging experience. Chargeway’s patented software and updated UI is unique in how it translates the complexity of EV charging into useful information the public needs to know in order easily differentiate plug types and power levels, which are the primary factors in charging time. The calculations are based on the engineering details of both stations and vehicles, with this information also readily available within the vehicle and station detail screens for users who want it.

“I often think of something Steve Jobs said,” continues Teske. ‘It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.’ This mantra defines how our team has approached solving the problem of simplifying ‘electricity as a fuel’. As more people experience EVs for the first time through either renting or buying, we continue to see the importance of providing an easier way to explain EV charging. Anyone can place kilowatts or plug acronyms into a brochure or software, but that puts the onus on the public to become experts in complex calculations to understand how charging works, much of which is hidden within the hardware itself. We are doing the thinking for every driver, everywhere, reducing the learning curve and truly simplifying how EV charging works for everyone.”

The redesigned Chargeway mobile app is available for download in both iOS App Store and Google Play Store starting November 10th.

About Chargeway:

Chargeway is a pioneering software and communication platform dedicated to simplifying the EV charging experience. Through its patented software Chargeway has developed an intuitive, visual color and number system for identifying EV plug types and charging speeds, assisting drivers in the transition from gasoline to electricity as a fuel. For additional information about Chargeway’s software and mobile app, please visit or download the app on iOS or Android.