Chargeway Partners with Austin Energy to Pilot Chargeway Plus Mobile App

Chargeway, the Oregon-based software startup best known for developing a simple, intuitive color-coded visual language for charging EVs with “electric fuel,” has expanded its partnership with Austin Energy to launch Chargeway Plus, allowing drivers to connect their EVs directly to the Chargeway mobile app for real-time status of battery info, charging and more. Chargeway mobile app users in Austin will have the option to sync EVs from over 20 brands offering them a more integrated and automated user experience.

The Chargeway Plus mobile app features will be offered through an update within the standard Chargeway mobile app, starting with iOS in April and also offering Android users the same features in May 2024. The process to connect a variety of EV models from the last decade is seamless and the connected experience works seamlessly with Chargeway’s 2.0 software redesign.

“We are very excited to be launching Chargeway Plus in Austin,” says Matt Teske, Founder of Chargeway. “We have a long history with Austin Energy dating back to 2019 when we launched our Chargeway Beacon kiosks within their dealership engagement program. As we have improved the Chargeway mobile app and software over the years the goal has always been to create the most intuitive and intelligent experience for all drivers. With Chargeway Plus we are creating a fully connected experience with real-time data for both the vehicle as well as public charging.”

Once a vehicle has been connected Chargeway Plus will instantly offer drivers their battery state of charge, charging status, and for most makes and models the ability to start and stop their charging. Another feature includes lifestyle focused program information from Austin Energy based on driver feedback, ensuring that EV programs are presented to drivers who need them most. The connected features of Chargeway Plus will improve over time providing additional connected control of EVs including lock and un-lock capabilities as well as real-time pricing for a charging session at major charging networks.

About Chargeway:

Chargeway is a communication and software platform that unites all stakeholders and drivers in the electric vehicle industry. Designed to improve the “electric fuel” experience, Chargeway uses colors and numbers to identify plug options and charging speeds, creating a simple, visual identity for electric car charging options. This simply system offers public utilities, auto dealers, as well as consumers, an easier way to understand how electric cars can meet and exceed everyone’s transportation needs. For more information on Chargeway please visit and download the Chargeway EV driver app on iOS or Android.