Chargeway Interview | EVs: You Can Get There From Here

I’m Brian Santo, EE Times editor-in-chief. You’re listening to EE Times On Air, and this is the Weekly Briefing for the week ending September 10th. For years, most of the established manufacturers in the auto industry seemed tepid about electrical vehicles. No more! The success of Tesla has encouraged everyone from startups to manufacturers with more than a century of automotive experience to focus on electric vehicles. But Tesla is setting another example that the rest of the industry is failing to get: EV owners have to fuel their vehicles.

Tesla realized that its customers would need to refuel away from home, and so it builds and maintains a network of charging stations. Now, it would be inefficient for all of the other car companies to similarly build and operate charging stations, but hardly any do. In fact, even though many of them have committed to shifting a substantial percentage of manufacturing to EVs, they’ve barely given a thought to recharging — even for their direct customers.

Today’s guest is Matt Teske, the founder of Chargeway, a company that has built an app for EV owners that shows them where across the country they can refuel. We talk about what it means to own an electrical vehicle today, including range anxiety, confusion about charging stations, and whether it’s possible to get anywhere in an EV.

Spoiler alert: Matt just drove across the country in an EV. We’ll ask him about that on the show. First, here are some of the stories you can find in EE Times this week:

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